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FREE is a platform for youth expression through art, photography, and writing that encourages exploration and & honest reflection. We believe that it is important for kids and teens to have a place to share their creativity and feel proud of the things we produce!


Our Team

Jasper Conacher

co-founder • editor in chief • visionary

Jasper Conacher is currently on her gap year in Oxford, England. This past May, Jasper graduated from Convent of The Sacred Heart. Jasper interned at The Representation Project, where she researched, transcribed and pulled montage clips and soundbites for their upcoming documentary, The Great American Lie. She also assisted at their Disrupt The Narrative Youth Leadership Summit. She was captain of her dance team and choreographed her own solo to a recording of a poem she wrote. Jasper’s passion has always been creative writing and she has already self-published two poetry collections and aspires to publish a third one. She was inspired to start Free after submitting her poetry to different literary magazines and getting rejection after rejection. She took inspiration from these perceived “failures and decided she wanted to create a local platform that supported and displayed talented youth’s creative content, specifically pieces that touched on issues and perspectives that often are ignored. She hopes Free can be a place where all voices can be heard and understood. She began curating for Free in the Spring of 2016 and is so excited her dream is finally coming together.


Current favorite song: Don’t Wanna Be Your Girl by Wet


Current favorite book: The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls


Current favorite movie: Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri 

Parker Hanley 

contributing editor

Parker Hanley is a senior in high school at Marin Academy right outside of San Francisco. She is currently working on her own clothing line "Friday Crap". As someone who had struggled with self-esteem and body image in the past, Parker feels that art in any form is the best way to express one's feelings in a way that makes sense to that person. She also believes that it is important for people, especially girls, to feel proud of their artwork and individuality. She's confident that people will utilize it as a platform to share creations they are proud of. She loves playing sports, painting, and playing with her two bunnies. Parker's dream is to run a small fashion and art business out of Hawaii when she is older.


Current Favorite Song: Lust For Life by Lana del Rey


Current Favorite Book: Perks Of Being A Wallflower

Current Favorite Movie: Almost Famous 

IMG_0068 2.PNG



Zoe Young

co-founder • editor in chief 

Zoe Young is a freshman at University of Pennsylvania. Zoe joined Jasper in the first stages of Free the Zine, and helped make her vision a reality by co-founding the first issue of the magazine. A poet, writer, and artist herself, Zoe believes that vulnerability and raw emotion will encourage a more empathetic society. She wanted to create a space for authentic conversation about mental health, which she has her own personal connections to. At her high school, Marin Academy, Zoe was the leader of I Am That Girl: a community, support system, and movement inspiring young women to love, express, and be who they are. Zoe spent her junior fall semester in New York City, where she furthered her passion for reflective, exploratory, and creative writing. For the past two years, Zoe has worked as an intern at UCSF Youth and Family Center in their telemedicine department where she has written articles and content for UCSF Grit Magazine, as well as generated content for their own website featuring artificial intelligence therapy. In her free time, Zoe enjoys journaling, going to the beach, and bonding with her family and friends. She is really passionate about expanding the zine throughout the nation. 


Current Favorite Song: Superficial by Lawrence the Band 


Current Favorite Book: Not That Kind Of Girl by Lena Dunham, Bad Feminist by Roxane Gay, or What Happened by Hillary Clinton. 


Current Favorite Movie: Sex and the City, and all-time role model is no other but Carrie Bradshaw.


Olivia Marwell

 contributing editor

Olivia Marwell is a senior in high school at the Branson School in Ross, CA. Olivia recently joined Free and is so excited to help the team create a space for self-expression and creativity! Olivia is an aspiring photographer and graphic designer whose work primarily deals with girl culture as seen through the lens of a teenager. In summer 2017, she attended the San Francisco Art Institute’s Pre-College Program where she learned how to translate her voice and ideas into her artwork.  For her junior year Spring semester, Olivia traveled to Washington DC to attend the School For Ethics and Global Leadership where she studied ethics and expand her global consciousness. She hopes to take what she learns in DC and apply it to her work in order to create art that grapples with a variety of social issues. She is very interested in the intersection of art and social justice, and one day, she hopes to be a fashion photographer working to give all different types of women representation in the media. 


Current Favorite Song: Bohemian Rhapsody, New Person Same Old Mistakes by Tame Impala 


Current Favorite Book: The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larson 


Current Favorite Movie: Zoolander

contributing editor

Rachel Cramer is in her senior year of high school at Convent of The Sacred Heart. Throughout her life, Rachel has been passionate about art, literature, and pop culture. She believes that one of the most powerful ways to self-express is through art, and joining the Free team was a wonderful way for Rachel to accomplish this. Rachel has dealt with a wide variety of situations, furthering her empathy and appreciation towards others. Rachel also loves learning about new people. Whether it is joining a new club at school, sitting with strangers at a cafe, or simply walking alone and people-watching. All of these factors inspire Rachel to pursue her dream of contributing and creating an artistic-based magazine. Rachel currently runs the Social Media Awareness Club and is a contributing editor of her school’s yearbook.  Rachel is also a member of the Students in Action program, leading her to dedicate several of her hours towards service opportunities. Rachel wants to live her life with passion and creativity, and venturing with the Free team is a wonderful way to begin!

Current Favorite Song: La Bicicleta By Shakira

Current Favorite Book: Call Me By Your Name by André Aciman 

Current Favorite Movie: Breakfast at Tiffany's 


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